Thursday, July 7, 2022

Fly Fish Fremont Canyon Wyoming: The Meadows

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North Platte River
The upper and lower meadows set between Pathfinder dam and the mouth of Fremont Canyon.

We offer lessons and guiding in the Fremont Canyon area (upper and lower meadows), located in Wyoming. 

Q: Is this a tailwater and is it easy to access?

A: Yes it is a tailwater. Yes, it is easy to access the lower and upper sections

Q: I hear this stretch of river gets fished hard, is this true?

A: Yes - with easy parking and walking, it's a popular spot.  Many times we only fish this area for up to four hours, hitting early A.M or late P.M. hatches.  

Q: Can we walk down the river and access the canyon?

A: Yes - it will take more time.  Many times we will briefly enter the canyon and fish our way back to the bridge/parking lot - offers a unique canyon/meadows fishing experience. 

Q: About how many fish can I expect to catch, and what is the size range?

A: Depending on skill level, and length of time fishing, we've had clients catch up to 20 fish, and the average size range is 14" - 20", with a few up to 30".  

Q: What techniques will we use?

A: Nearly all techniques work.  Using fly rods 4wt-6wt, we regularly use tight-line and drop-shot nymphing, dry flies, dry-dropper, and downstream wet-fly swings.

Q: We might stay in the Alcova or Casper area - can we do a fly casting lesson one day, and then hire you to guide us the next day?

A: Yes.  We highly recommend the combination of fly casting lessons and guiding.  In fact, we can customize a fly fishing program for you, e.g. 1-2 hours casting instruction, followed by 2-6 hours of guiding (catching fish), on the same day or multiple days. 

Q: How long is a day of guiding and what are your prices?

A: We offer four, six, and eight hours per day.  Please see pricing information in the link below. 

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