USA Lessons

Designed to be the very best client experience possible. Receive one-on-one instruction, and benefit from the following:      

➤ 1- 4 students only, per class
➤ On land or in water
➤ Certified Casting Instructor
➤ +40 years fishing, +15  years teaching experience

➤ Professional counselor-therapist, life coach, and outdoor expert
➤ Former New Hampshire Fish & Game fishing instructor, pro guide, and Patagonia lodge manager

All Lessons are by Appointment Only -- Please Call, Text, or Email

Beginner - Intermediate Level (Casting only)

1X Class: On Land Only

Designed for true beginners, and/or a refresher for more experienced anglers. We focus on vertical and horizontal plane casting, and brain-body bio-mechanics. To get you started, we review rod set-up/balance, casting theory-instruction, and casting drills & skills. If you are an intermediate or advanced angler looking to fix bad casting habits, this is a great class for you.

2X Class: On Land, casting onto water (pond, lake)

Progressive learning, and/or transitioning from on-land to on-water instruction is critical for your development. Taught to students who have completed the 1X class, or students with skill levels ranging from advanced beginner to expert.  Line presentation and other casting fundamentals will be stressed, plus we will begin to explore advance casting techniques such as the static and dynamic roll casts.

1X and 2X Pricing:

(1) Angler: $180
(2) Anglers: $240 ($120 ea.)
(3) Anglers: $300 ($100 ea.)
(4) Anglers: $360 ($90 ea)

❇ Fly rods provided -- bring snacks, beverage, and sun protection
❇ Three hours minimum class time, and cash or e-payment options
❇ Extra hours available at $60 per hour

Advance Level (Casting and Fishing)

3X Class: 100% in Waders and in Water (Casting Only)

Taught in a river/waters of your choice, this program is 100% customized to meet your developmental needs.  Also, it has been designed for students who have completed one or more of our classes, and/or any advanced angler desiring 1:1 instruction.

Depending on your specific needs, we'll spend time in a river working on the following:

Single Hand Cast: PULD, Vertical and Horizontal Plane, Static Roll and Dynamic Roll, Roll-Pick-up, Tension and Water Haul, Reach Mend, Wiggle, Pile and more.

Two-Hand Cast:  Airborne and Waterborne Anchors.  Switch, Snap T,  Snap C, Single and Double Spey, Overhead, Basic Roll, Snake Roll and more.

4X Class: 100% in Waders and in Water (Casting and Fishing)

Create your own single or multi-day fly casting and fly fishing class!  

A customized class provides a unique opportunity to combine technical casting and fishing instruction.  It's an excellent opportunity to fix errors and take your fishing skills to the next level.  100% of our time will be spent in the water, typically learning how to do one or more of the following:

- Casting techniques taught in the 1X, 2X, and 3X classes
- Euro tightline or indicator nymphing
- Dry fly, wet fly, and streamer fly techniques
- Read water, learn bugs/hatches, rigging, and lots more
- Learn how to catch, land, and take photos of fish

3X and 4X Pricing:

(1) Angler: $300
(2) Anglers: $380 ($190 ea.)

❇ Fly rod, flies, leader, and tippet are provided
❇ Client must have their own wading boots and waders 
❇ Four hours minimum class time, and cash or e-payment options
❇ Extra hours available at $75 per hour

Instructor Training and Mentoring

The FFI exam is challenging.  Well over 50% fail on their first attempt, including many top guides.  Preparation is important.  Working with a qualified mentor is highly recommended. 

It would be an honor to mentor you.  We will focus on the following:

- Casting and oral teaching skills
- Review entire exam (written and physical)
- Practice teaching on land and in water
- Master left and right hand casting techniques
- Meet weekly, monthly, or other
- Internship: Practice teaching with me at above classes 
- Fees: We will discuss in person
- Best for ages 14 and higher