Sunday, March 27, 2022

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Large vs. Small

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Large Group Lessons: 5-20 Students

One instructor with 14+ students

Large group lessons offer the poorest consumer and educational value, but they are the industry norm because they are highly profitable.

  • With up to 20 people per class, at $50 - $100 per person, it's a $1,000 - $2,000 payday!  
  • Fill and run classes 1-2x per week, 4 weeks per month = $ machine! (i.e., not an educational machine).
  • You get what you pay for - quantity vs. quality - don't be fooled by low pricing
  • The student to instructor ratio can be as high as 20:1, and...
  • You could receive the lowest amount of one on one instruction
  • Instructors are typically non-certified, rookie shop employees, or junior guides
  • Class time can be up to 8 hours - any class over 3 hours is too long, and physically and mentally exhausting, and...
  • Information dump - the human brain cannot stay alert and digest the amount of information shared
  • Poor land and water locations - you might find yourself in a hot sunny dirt field, or a dirt parking lot next to a major traffic road and a popular bar, and almost never in the best fishing waters (i.e., zero health and safety concerns)
  • Old 20th century outdated education and instruction
  • Bait beginners - Groupon discounts, fly shop one day sale on selected items, and free swag (i.e., mostly cheap products you don't need)

FCFF Small Group Lessons: 1-4 Students

100% focused educational instruction
We are not a fly shop or outfitter that offers large group lessons.

At FCCF, we only offer small group lessons because they offer the very best consumer value and educational experience possible.  We teach because we love teaching - not for high profits.  

- Fair value fee system
- 1-4 students per class
- Two or three hour max lesson time
- Best land or in water locations
- Certified casting instructor
- Over 40 years of fishing experience
- Over 15  years teaching/guiding

Your lead instructor:
  • Professional mental health counselor, life coach, and outdoor expert
  • Passed state and national criminal background checks
  • Former New Hampshire Fish & Game fishing instructor, pro guide, and Patagonia lodge manager
  • First Aid, CPR, and NOLS Wilderness certified 

Client Testimonials

A small group of friends and I took the beginner casting class with Mark and we loved it!  I've been fly fishing for several years and took a Groupon class at a local fly shop almost 10 years ago, but didn't learn anything close to what Mark taught us.  We were all so impressed and excited to get out on the water to try out what we learned! 

Mark is patient, respectful, and uses many different coaching techniques so that everyone can relate to his examples.  It was a great class and I can't wait to take the next level!

D. Demery.  Fort Collins, CO