Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Fly Fish Fremont Canyon Wyoming

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North Platte River
The canyon is set between Pathfinder and Alcova dams.

We offer lessons and guiding in Fremont Canyon, located in Wyoming. 

Q: I hear the hike in/out of Fremont Canyon is tough?

A: Yes - see above photo.  There are a few access points, including from the meadows and mid-canyon downhill goat trails.

Q: Is the hike down worth it?

A: Less anglers equals less pressure.  The canyon is legendary for holding big, healthy, strong trout.  

Q: I have bad ankles, knees, etc - do you recommend it?

A: No!  This is advanced hiking, walk-wade, and technical fishing.  There are plenty of other safe locations to fish in Wyoming.

Q: About how many fish can I expect to catch, and what is the size range?

A: Depending on skill level, and length of time fishing, we've had clients catch up to 20 fish, and the average size range is 14" - 20", with a few up to 30".  Add in rocky boulders, strong currents - you will be challenged to land trophy trout!

Q: What techniques will we use?

A: Nearly all techniques work.  Using fly rods 4wt-6wt, we regularly use tight-line and drop-shot nymphing, dry flies, dry-dropper, and downstream wet-fly swings.

Q: We might stay in the Alcova or Casper area - can we do a fly casting lesson one day, and then hire you to guide us the next day?

A: Yes.  We highly recommend the combination of fly casting lessons and guiding.  In fact, we can customize a fly fishing program for you, e.g. 1-2 hours casting instruction, followed by 2-6 hours of guiding (catching fish), on the same day or multiple days. 

Q: How long is a day of guiding and what are your prices?

A: We offer four, six, and eight hours per day.  Please see pricing information in the link below. 

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