Sunday, July 10, 2022

Fly Fishing Snowy Range Wyoming

Today's Blog Post

We offer lessons and guiding services in the Snowy Range.

Q: Where is the Snowy Range located?

A: Located in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming; Approximately one hour from Laramie or Saratoga; Approximately two hour drive from Fort Collins, CO. 

Q: How's the fishing?

A: With over 100 lakes and dozens of creeks, Snowy Range offers excellent alpine fishing.  Species: Brook, Cutthroat, Brown, Splake (brook/lake hybrid), in the 6" - 18" range.

Q: How high are we fishing, and is it hard to access the lakes and streams? 

A: +/-10,00 feet.  Foot access ranges from easy to moderate, and 10 - 120 minutes.

Q: How do you compare the fishing experience to other Wyoming destinations?

A: We love beautiful wild places with less people and more fish (even if the fish are not state records).

Brook Trout. 
The cold alpine waters are loaded with these beauties.

Q: We are beginners - is alpine fishing a good place to learn?

A: Yes, alpine fishing could be one of the very best places to learn how to fly fish. Why?  You will learn the same skills needed to catch large fish, but you'll catch lots of smaller fish, at a much slower pace (i.e., fly fishing training wheels).  Higher elevations offer cool summer temperatures vs. lower elevations at +/-90 degree heat.  Wading small creeks or fishing a lake from land, is safe and very beginner friendly.  The feeding season is very short, i.e. fish have a short amount of time to fatten up for the long winter; therefore, fish are not picky eaters, and you can expect to catch lots of fish.   

Q: We might stay in the Saratoga or Laramie area, or camp in Medicine Bow - can we do a fly casting lesson one day, and then hire you to guide us the next day?

A: Yes.  We highly recommend the combination of fly casting lessons and guiding.  In fact, we can customize a fly fishing program for you, e.g. 1-2 hours casting instruction, followed by 2-6 hours of guiding (catching fish), on the same day or multiple days. 

Q: How long is a day of guiding and what are your prices?

A: We offer four, six, and eight hours per day.  Please see pricing information in the link below. 

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