Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Fly Fishing Snowy Range Wyoming

Today's Blog Post

Q: Do you offer services in the Snowy Range, Wyoming?

A: Yes, we offer lessons and guiding.  

Q: Is the fishing difficult?

A: No.  It's one of the best locations to learn how to fly fish because there are plenty of hungry fish - you will catch many fish and learn critical skills - the experience is like training wheels for fly fishing.

Q: Why fly fish in the Snowy Range?

A: 1) No traffic and fewer people. 2) Escape summer heat - cool off at +/- 10,000 feet - in July, daily high temps range between 75-80 degrees, and night temps range between 40-60 degrees. 3) Stunning scenery, wildlife, and great alpine lake and creek fishing.

Q: Where is the Snowy Range located?

A: It's located in the Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming - approximately one hour from Laramie and Saratoga.  

Q: Could we fish in the Snowy Range one day, and then fish the North Platte in the Saratoga area the following day?

A: Yes.  In 50 minutes you can access the North Platte and Encampment rivers. 

Q: How many Alpine lakes?

A: The park contains over 100 alpine lakes, and range in size, from tiny to large. 

Q: Are the lakes far to walk?

A: There are a handful of lakes that offer park and 5-10 minutes easy walk-in.  Other lakes are 1-4 miles away, or 1-2 hours walk-in.  Trails are marked and hiking is easy/moderate. 

Q: About how many fish can I expect to catch, and what is the size range?

A: Depending on skill level, and length of time fishing, we've had clients catch up to 30 fish, and the average size range is 6"-12".  The lakes and creeks hold brook, cutthroat, and splake trout. 

Q: What techniques will we use?

A: Nearly all techniques work.  Using fly rods 2wt-5wt, we regularly use dry flies, dry-dropper, and nymphs.

Q: We might camp in the Snowy Range or stay in the Saratoga or Laramie area - can we do a fly casting lesson one day, and then hire you to guide us the next day?

A: Yes.  We highly recommend the combination of fly casting lessons and guiding.  In fact, we can customize a fly fishing program for you, e.g. 1-2 hours casting instruction, followed by 2-6 hours of guiding (catching fish), on the same day or multiple days. 

Q: How long is a day of guiding and what are your prices?

A: We offer four, six, and eight hours per day.  Please see pricing information in the link below. 

Thank you for reading, and for more information on lessons and guiding:

Expect to see lots of wildlife 

Lakes and creeks hold tons of beautiful Brook Trout

11,000 feet. One hour walk from parking lot.