Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Fort Collins Fly Fishing: Poudre River Qs & As

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We offer lessons and guiding on the Poudre River - lower, middle, and upper sections.

Q: In May and June, we are visiting Fort Collins - how's the fishing on the Poudre?

A: Good News: For a state that desperately needs water, we have lots of H2O.  Bad News: We have lots of H2O.  During the months of May and June, we had 1) a combination of snow/rain at higher elevations, and 2) along the front range, we had a good amount of rain.  Add extra H2O to seasonal runoff, and you get the following conditions seen in the below photos - we have had these conditions for the past + 45 days and it could be another +/- 2 weeks before the river settles - please contact us for current conditions.

Poudre River

Poudre River 

Q: When the water is high, can you still fish the Poudre - what do you recommend?

A: Yes, but even for experts, it's challenging - until conditions improve, we sincerely recommend spending time and money doing something else outside, e.g. our on-land casting lesson, rafting, golf, hiking, biking, etc.

Gateway Natural Area

Q: I hear when the Poudre is high and ugly, the fishing in the Gateway Natural Area can be good?

A: Yes, and typically true; however, conditions are even worse.  Water levels are horribly low, at about 5-6 CFS.  It can be fished, but expect very spooky fish, and lots of pressure from local anglers.

The North Fork of the Poudre River

Q: Do you have other river options in the Fort Collins area?

A: Yes.  One of the best options is the North Fork of the Poudre, and conditions are near perfect right now.  Due to its location, you can expect to see little or no people, experience fantastic scenery and wildlife, and catch lots of very wild fish. 

Q: We might stay in Fort Collins or Loveland area - can we do a fly casting lesson one day, and then hire you to guide us the next day?

A: Yes.  We highly recommend the combination of fly casting lessons and guiding.  In fact, we can customize a fly fishing program for you, e.g. 1-2 hours casting instruction, followed by 2-6 hours of guiding (catching fish), on the same day or multiple days. 

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