Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing: Fishing Nets and CPR

Today's Blog Post

Disclosure: I have taken thousands of fish photos.  Unknowingly, until I learned how to land fish without a net and utilize 'best' Catch-Photo-Release techniques (CPR), I did what everyone else did.  However, 10 years ago I changed -- I no longer use fishing nets, I practice CPR, and I reduced the amount of fishy photos taken (i.e., do we really need 24/7 fish porn?).  

Years ago, a fishing net was strictly used to land a fish (a fish that was most likely eaten for dinner).  Now days, in a web based world, fishing nets are being used for 1) catch-n-release, and 2) take sensational photos -- modeling yourself, the fish, your fly rod, national brands, alcohol, and other.  IMHO, it's odd behavior and it seems to represent everything but 'best' catch-photo-release practices.

Do you need a fishing net and what are 'best' catch-photo-release practices?     

1. Fishing nets are a great tool, especially for drift boats, float tubes, or other water craft.  But, I often fail to see 'best' CPR practice when landing/netting a fish.   

2. For those that walk-n-wade, I argue that fishing nets are not needed at all.  Why?   

- Bush/tree snags
- Large and bulky
- Broken, if stepped on
- Silently slips out 
- Forget to pick up
- Drop in H2O (bye-bye)
- They ain't cheap
- And most importantly...

Unknowingly engage in poor Catch-Photo-Release techniques

To learn more about landing fish without a net and practice CPR techniques, please read Catch-Photo-Release Part 1 and 2

Thanks for reading -- If anything, I hope the information encourages you to examine your CPR practice.