Thursday, June 20, 2019

Fort Collins and Northern Colorado: Fly Fishing with Friends

Nothing beats fishing with friends on a long weekend getaway.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of fishing with a high school friend and his son (they traveled from New Hampshire).  Colorado conditions were challenging, even for an experienced angler such as myself.  

We fished the conditions, which called for deep/fast water nymphing.  We endured long days, filled with pockets of sun and spits of rain, hail, wind, and lightening.  By any measurement, fishing was very SLOW, but we managed to catch a few each day.  I applaud my amigos patience and resiliency -- most anglers would have thrown in the towel and found comfort in the ever popular spring run-off statement, no fish...the water was too high, fast, and dirty.  It is true, fishing is harder and slower in such conditions; however, it's not impossible.  Learn to fish the conditions, and I guaranty, you'll soon become a very good angler! 

Thanks for a great weekend amigos! 

PS.  If you are new to the sport, let me know how I can help.