Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Nymphing the Cache la Poudre River

Today's Blog Post

Last weekend (June 8th and 9th), was the first time I fished the Cahce la Poudre Canyon (I just move to Fort Collins).  Despite high and fast water, I caught plenty of fish, including  browns and cutbows, ranging from 10" to 14". Where and how?

Where did I catch fish?  I carefully selected and only fished the slowest, best 'fishy' looking water possible.     

As I walked up/down the river, I said hello to lots of anglers and noticed where and how they were fishing.  Most were in the wrong spots, fishing fast and very deep water, or in long flats with no structure.  Others were in the right spot, but they were not using the correct rigging and/or flies.  For example, in a perfect nymph spot, I saw an angler using a dry fly (with no hatch, or rising trout). 

How did I catch fish?  Nymphs, with lots of WEIGHT!  In fact, I showed an angler the weight(s) I was using and in disbelief, she gasped for air saying, "Are you kidding me!"  I replied, "If you ain't dragging, you ain't bragging."  She laughed and got the message. 

My weekend experience got me thinking -- I am constantly teaching fly casting lessons, but maybe Fort Collins anglers need a beginner nymph fishing class.  Thoughts?  
I am willing to teach nymph fishing, with traditional or Tenkara rods -- Feel free to contact me.  

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