Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Women Only Class, My Thoughts

When a husband attempts to teach their wife, lets kindly say, social-gender issues may abound. 

All of the women in the picture have husbands or male friends that could have easily taught them.  However, both used 'wisdom,' opting to hire a qualified professional instructor.  The results were fantastic, and all were happy. 

All Female Fly Fishing?

I believe all female fly fishing groups/clubs, travel, guiding and casting instruction are very good things.  However, there could be times when a trained/qualified male instructor can be of service/assistance/etc.  That said, I would like all potential clients to know:

My Current Credentials

- Colorado professional counselor/therapist
- Certified FFI casting instructor

My Past Experience

- New Hampshire Fish & Game certified fishing instructor
- Phillips Exeter Academy fly fishing club advisor
- Trout Unlimited kids camp counselor
- Boy Scouts of America fishing merit badge instructor
- New Hampshire licensed guide and Patagonia lodge manager

Take Away Message

- By Colorado law, I am regulated and must uphold ethical standards
- Passed all state and national criminal background checks
- Trained to work with all populations (kids, families, women, men, etc)
- Taught hundreds of women and men, of all ages 
- Hablo Espanol  

Student Testimony

I always wanted to take a fly fishing lesson, but hesitated as it was very much out of my comfort zone when I contemplated doing so.  Mark was patient, kind, funny, and never made me feel intimidated.  Breaking things down, using terms I understood, I had a blast today and feel confident that I can learn this.  Breathe, relax, feel your feet, have fun, fish!  Everyone should take a lesson and get in the water.  Good for the soul!

M. Cloutier (pink shirt in above photo)