Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fort Collins and Northern Colorado: FFI Casting Instructor Training for Kids

As a Colorado counselor/therapist and fly fishing instructor, I have worked with hundreds of kids and families.  Off the river, I have helped people in their darkest times.  On the river, I have rejoiced with them in their success (nothing better than seeing an ear-to-ear smile on a kids face after his/her first fish/catch).  

Either as a counselor or fishing instructor, I have learned the following:

All parents want to see their children succeed -- to be happy and enjoy life, and also be good or excel at anything other than video games, social media, and cell phone texting (e.g., school, sports, language, music, art, dance, culture, crafts, animals, reading, writing, etc).

What about being 'really' good at fly fishing?

To all Fort Collins and northern Colorado parents:

- I will train your child to become a FFI certified fly casting instructor

My Intention, Dreams and Goals 

- I strongly believe in paying if forward or giving back to community
- Train and certify the most amount of kids in the world
- Certify the youngest 'ever' male and female FFI instructors

For more details, please contact me, and read Certified Casting Instructor Training 

PS. There are some places in the world where FFI certified casting instructors make up to $300 per hour.