Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fly Fishing Maine: Lessons and Guiding in Rangeley

100% Wild Maine

Is it possible for a nymph fisherman and a dry-fly fisherman to get along?  Most would say no! However, there are two anglers in New England, who like some cats and dogs, get along great.  In fact, what binds these two anglers together is a common thread - they love wild fish, teaching, and doing so in Rangeley, Maine.

There is no better place in New England to teach-guide-catch wild fish than Rangeley, Maine.  When our students and clients catch their first Maine wild Brook Trout, their mind-body-spirit are automatically drawn into the genetics of history and environment.  In other words, they just don't catch and release a fish.  For a moment, in their hands, they hold wild DNA that has evolved and survived for over one thousand years!  The energy from this experience now beams in their soul. They are different -- they will never be the same person or angler.  Why-How? It's empowering, our clients feel alive and connected to an earthly power that can't be described, only felt.  You'll never get that feeling catching stocked fish -- I have tried, it doesn't work.

Oddly enough, a dry-fly angler from Maine and a nymph angler from New Hampshire, the cats and dogs of the angling world, have come together to create a teaching and guiding experience that is all about wild fish and you!  Features of this program are:

  • Complete A to Z, dynamic educational experience: multi-day on-land and in-water fly-casting and fly-fishing instruction, taught by professional guides and casting instructors.  
  • Learn the art of dry-fly fishing, and the secrets of nymph fishing.
  • Fly Tying: you will learn a new fly each day, including Tom's very own creation, the Welch PT Emerger (a deadly fly).
  • Lodging at our fishing cabin offering a complete, 100% guided DIY fishing experience (the more you hang out with the pro's, the quicker you learn!). 

Welch PT Emerger: 100% Created and Made in Maine

Final Words

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