Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fishing Lessons in New Hampshire: Family and Youth

The purpose of this post is to let people know about a new service that we have added to our Family-Youth Fishing Programs.  The new program is conventional fishing, or as many say, "spin fishing or worm-n-bobber fishing."  You might wonder why a fly-fishing guide and fly-casting instructor would offer such a program? Well, I believe in the following:

  • Pay if forward by giving my time and expertise to my fishing community.
  • Provide a memorable outdoor experience for boys and girls.
  • Supporting families interested in cost effective, outdoor educational experiences. 
  • Lastly, fly-fishing can be very challenging and frustrating -- for a first time positive fishing experience, sometimes the right thing to do is to teach basic-conventional fishing skills. 

 Family Fun 

Conventional Fishing: Spin - Lure - Worm-n-Bobber

For many kids, and even for adults, fly-fishing is a challenging sport
to learn -- it's not something you can learn in one day.  So, why not start with conventional fishing (i.e. worm-bobber & lure).  Here's how it works and our goals:

My goal is to teach both the parent and child.  We work as a team with the desire to provide a memorable life experience for your child -- hopefully they will love the experience and will continue fishing.  I will teach you fishing technique's that you will use for the rest of your life, even for fly-fishing.  

NOTE:  To all concerned parents; to be a licensed guide and certified instructor, a state and national criminal background check has been performed. Parents or guardians must be present at all times.
Rate: Conventional Fishing (Donation Only)
  • Cost: suggested minimum donation: $5.00 per person
  • Hours: (2) hours minimum  
  • Maximum Capacity: (1-4) people
  • Age: Between 6 and 16 years, and parents/guardians 
  • Monday-Sunday
  • Home Base: Seacoast New Hampshire

Final Word

As a young boy, fishing was a very positive experience for me.  As an adult, fishing continues to be a positive force in my life -- I can't imagine my life without the opportunity to be outside, on a river. With that in mind, I offer this program because I want kids to have the same opportunities that I had. To be clear, and based on the donation only payment system, money and profit are not my goals -- being an educational resource for my community is.  

Please feel to pass this information onto as many parents as possible, and let's get ready to go fishing!  

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Thanks for reading.