Monday, January 25, 2016

Fly Fishing Rangeley Maine: Lessons and Guiding

We would love to work with you in Rangeley, Maine.  The question you should have in your mind is why work with us? That's an easy question for me to answer.  I hope you work with us because you have:

  • Read our mission statement and our teaching philosophy.
  • Read our bio's and like the fact that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, on and off the river.
  • A desire to work with educators who are experts in casting instruction, guiding services and hosting clients from all over the world. 


Whether in Rangeley, or other parts of the world, if you are having a hard time picking a guide or instructor, please feel free to read How to pick your guide and instructor at:
Credentials and Real World Teaching Experience?

Typically, the state exams to be a guide, in my opinion, meets a minimum standard that has nothing to do with one's ability to be a good guide or educator.  I am glad I have my guide license; however, the standards to be an IFFF certified casting instructor are the highest in the world. In order to be an IFFF instructor, you must pass a challenging written, physical and oral exam.  You must also continue learning via continuing educational programs (state guide programs do not offer this). Bottom line, during your exam, master instructors test you to see if you are a good fly caster, but most importantly, to see if you are a good teacher (I received a 100% on the written, physical and oral exam). 

In addition to my formal training, I have purposely spent the last decade teaching fly-casting and fly-fishing on a volunteer basis, and on a donation only payment system.  Why?  Early on, I realized that if I wanted to be a good instructor, I would have to expose myself to as many types of teaching environments and people as possible.  I have taught classes at libraries, park's-recreation departments, senior citizens homes, private and public schools, youth groups such as the Boy Scouts, after school centers for youths, Trout Unlimited programs, Fish-n-Game programs, cancer patient retreats, and lots more.  Teaching students who have never fished before has been the greatest challenge and reward -- I would love to start inner city programs! 

Do you want GREAT instruction?

They say great instruction comes from great teachers.  I am not sure if I am great teacher, nor would I know how to objectively measure my own abilities.  I have the credentials, and I have come to learn that I am a pretty good teacher. However, the only way I can prove myself to you, is to teach you in person, and provide feedback from my former clients.  In my sincerest opinion, my credentials don't mean diddly-squat --the final determination as to whether I am a good teacher or not, is what my students say. 

Student Feedback:
  • "I have used many guides in my 30 years fly fishing career.  All in all, my experiences have been good, however, this weekend in NH, I experienced the best guide I have ever had."   
  • "I could not have asked for a better guide and instructor."
  • "Great teacher! I am a new fisherman, and brand new to fly fishing, and Mark was the perfect way to start."
  • "Yesterday, I finally took a fly fishing casting lesson from Mark Foley a local New England guide.  Let me tell you that this was the best money ever spent on anything I have bought in the fly-fishing industry." 
  • "You are a gifted teacher and coach that has helped me transform from a fisherman to a FLY FISHERMAN. Thank you!"
  • "Thanks for all your help! You were the best teacher ever!"
  • "Mark is one of the most generous teachers I know."  
  • "He is an inspirational teacher."
  • "He is a great instructor and makes learning easy!"
  • "Mark is a great teacher and clearly loves what he does."
  • "We cannot thank you enough for all of the time and expertise you shared with our boys group. I have never seen that group of boys as quiet as they were on that day!  What a wonderful service you provide to our community."  

Maine: You ready for a GREAT experience?

This beginner student did not catch a state record, but on his first day out, he did catch the Rangeley Grand Slam (Brook Trout, Land Lock Salmon and Fall Fish/Chub).  He practiced a variety of techniques; he caught dozens of fish; he dramatically improved his fishing skills.  

Wild Brook Trout and Land Locked Salmon

Based on our teaching and guiding experience, there is a strong need for beginner -- intermediate anglers to participate in a multi-day program that offers on-land and in-water instruction. Why?  If you only take an on-land fly casting course, or only cast at a pond, you fail to learn how to target, and catch fish.

Our multi-day program includes everything from A to Z (equipment set-up, fly casting, fly tying, safety techniques, and actively fishing for wild fish). Depending on your specific desires, we can teach you how to dry-fly, wet-fly, streamer, indicator nymph, and tight-line nymph fishing. Lastly, we can teach you how to fish with either single-hand or two-hand rods. By the end of this program, you'll be able to fish with confidence, entirely on your own. 

For more information:

Final Words

Like anyone else in the industry, we are attempting to sell you a service.  However, unlike others, we are selling a GREAT experience, located in Rangeley, Maine., the Brook Trout capital of America.   We are also selling an educational program, focused on 100% wild fish, and led by really good teachers!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in Maine .