Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Floating, Walking and Wading

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The 2015 Patagonia fishing season has begun.  We hosted an angler from the USA, who lives in a state known for cheese, milk, beer, and football.  Yup, you guessed it, Wisconsin (go Packers...just not against the Patriots).  I have spent plenty of time in Wisconsin and I find it, and the people, to be great.  Who would not like a state that has all you can eat Friday night fish fries...nothing like a fried Walleye sandwich!  

Erik is one interesting dude.  At age fifteen he became the bat boy for the Milwaukee Brewers (can you imagine).  At age twenty-eight, Erik is no longer the bat boy.  Currently, he is in charge of player and family food services.  Initially, I had no idea what this meant.  I thought it meant box lunches, etc. After spending a week with Erik and learning what he does for work, all I can say is HOLY COW!  For nine months out of the year, Erik spends every working hour his with the players and their families. He caters to all their food needs and then some.  So, his role with the Brewer's is pretty darn important.  Honestly, I never knew such a job existed.  

We are grateful to have such interesting people visit us in Patagonia. In return, we hope our DIY walk-wade and float trip services have been equally interesting.  

Lots of healthy rainbows on our walk-wade river.
The Lupine are not around for long, but when they are, the colors are great to see.
Another one of our secret location pays off.
The cage, as we call it, never fails to show us who wants it the most.
Combining float trips with our walk-wade service is a great Patagonia experience.

Final Word

Erik stayed in one of our low budget preferred hostels.  He paid $12.17 USD per night. For this amount you think he would have slept outside with the dogs (nope).  He had a private room with his own bath, and access to a public kitchen.  Erik also ate at our local preferred eateries.  He paid $2.18 USD per meal and he loved it!

Folks, we believe our programs offer the best value and the greatest Patagonian experience. We look forward to hosting your fishing vacation and please feel free to contact us for more information.

Saludos y Abrazos,