Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: From Virginia to Junin de los Andes

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Our Patagonia DIY fly fishing programs, based in Junin de los Andes, attract a whole lot of young anglers. In fact, each year we have a handful of super bright, motivated, young 20 year olds fishing with us. Folks, I am impressed! I am impressed with their personal character, and more importantly, their ability to plan/budget for such a fishing trip.  That being said, I would like to introduce you to a young twenty something, I call him the natural.

At the age of fourteen, David's father introduced him to fly fishing.  He told me that he only fished for one day with his dad, but he remembered it vividly.  Add that one day to three days with us, and the total time he has ever spent fly-fishing is four days.  All I can say is that David is a natural.  His ability to listen to our guides and immediately put into action the instruction given, was amazing. He's a natural, but needs to fix a slight tailing loop issue (patience and slower tempo will fix that).  I have no doubt that he and his father will now spend more time together on the water and begin a new chapter in their lives.  For this, we are grateful to be part of this life experience.
Our bi-lingual guides are college educated and are great instructors. FCFF only works with guides/people who show a tremendous amount of human dignity and passion for their work.  Plus, our guides know exactly where to put beginner anglers so that may enjoy their day catching fish!
The natural, doing what he does best; catching wild fish and holding them naturally to get the best photo.  Nice fish David.  It was a pleasure watching you and our guide work this pool.  

The smile says it all.  What a great place to learn how to fly fish. 

Final Word

Our DIY programs are completely dedicated to meeting your personal needs.  Immediately, upon greeting you in Junin de los Andes, we make every effort to establish an open, honest communicative relationship. We feel this is critical because you are here for short period of time and you have invested a whole lot of time and money in your fishing vacation.  Anything less, in our opinion, would be a horrible way of doing business. 

David, thanks for working with us.  Good luck at University of North Carolina; I predict you will go far in life and on the water!

Abrazos Amigos,