Friday, December 19, 2014

Fly Fishing Patagonia: The DIY Experience

I am about to do something that no fly fishing guide would ever do/say.  As I evolve, I must say, my desire to post fish porn wanes dramatically.  For instance, I continue to take photos for clients, but personally, I find myself taking less photos each season.  If I take a photo of a fish, I no longer care to see my face in the pic.  I am also easily offended by the amount of beastly, and in my opinion, un-ethical photos taken of fish. Regarding this subject, I continue to ask myself the following:

  • How many photos of fish does the world need to see?
  • How much e-data/storage is currently committed to fish pics?
  • What did anglers do before cameras?
  • What if every angler in the world stopped taking pics of fish?

With these thoughts in mind, I am going to take a break from the fish porn.  I am going to post Patagonia desert flowers, and one claw, from a dead raptor.  I know nothing about these flowers, other than they are teeny-tiny and beautiful (some are smaller than a penny).  I took these photos with my new Olympus Tough TG-3. This digital camera has a microscope mode that allows me to take high quality images, only centimeters away.

Hope you enjoy the flower porn.

Wild rose bush. By the end of the season this plant produces a red olive size bulb that can be made into a jelly/jam. 
Found this while walking-wading the rio Chimehuin. Hard to say what type of bird, but it was the size of a small dog.
About the size of a quarter.
Inside these pea sized flowers is the true, mind boggling beauty.
About the size of a penny.
So delicate yet is survives in such a harsh environment.
One of my favorites, smaller than a penny. 

Final Word

We fish hard, but we also stop to smell the desert flowers.  Enough said. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in Patagonia.

Abrazos Amigos,