Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Are you the 1%

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In the Junin de los Andes, located in northern Patagonia, 99% of anglers fish and drift big water rivers. Why? These folks are staying at one of seven lodges in the Junin area.  The other 1%, like fishing/drifting big rivers, but they truly love walking-wading small, dream like streams.  The problem?  If you stay at a lodge, you'll never get to fish one these Patagonia jewels.  Part of me wants to say it's a shame that lodge anglers will miss the opportunity to fish streams seen in the below photos, but the other part of me says, my clients and myself, love having these streams all to ourselves!

Our DIY fishing programs provide our clients the opportunity to experience Patagonia in more ways imaginable. We have 100% flexibility with our daily fishing programs, and we are here to meet your needs; not ours!  We offer DIY walk-wade and DIY float programs, in all waters in the Junin area.   We also offer DIY one man float boat/tubes and over night camping  trips.  We never guaranty the fishing will be epic (that industry BS), but we guaranty that we'll put you in places that will make your jaw drop (don't worry, you'll catch plenty of fish!).

The final catch...compared to Junin lodges or outfitters, our clients save up to 50%!  How is this possible? Bottom line, we are not greedy.  When you fish with FCFF, you are only charged for our guiding fee's and you are treated like a fishing buddy/friend.

Just a few more miles east, and you are in Chile.  Because we work for ourselves and we focus on small groups, we can bring clients ANY WHERE they want.  
Mind Blowing Scenery.
It looks small, but there are a few brown whales in this river. 
Do you like tight-line nymphing?  How about a dry-dropper combo?

Final Words

If you're not part of the herd (99%), or if you are tired of the herd, give us a shout.

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Gone Fishing (on a small Patagonia stream)