Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Why DIY Fishing, Options? Part 3

Many people believe that a 100% customized DIY fly fishing vacation will be super expensive. Folk's, this is 100% WRONG! The cost of our DIY programs in Patagonia are not free/super-uber cheap, but they are extremely fair. Before I talk about expenses, let's talk about your DIY options with First Cast Fly Fishing.

It's a great day for a walk-n-wade!

DIY Walk-Wade Programs

The majority of our DIY anglers tend to be the walk-n-wade type.  I believe they prefer this mode of fishing because they truly enjoy being 'in' the water.  I also believe they prefer this option because it is the cheapest way to fish Patagonia with FCFF.  For example, we have the following programs:

  • Option A: for the angler who does not need a baby sitter (active guiding), but needs help deciding when and where to fish (that best matches your style of fishing), FCFF simply drives you to the river (the best locations), we talk about specific runs/pools and strategies, and then FCFF points you in the right direction. You go fishing on your own and FCFF does the same. We agree to meet back at truck at a specific time; sometimes we meet for lunch, or I may stop by to see how things are going. This service tends to be ideal for the budget conscious DIY angler, or an angler who desires some alone time.
  • Option B: I actively guide you = I take you to the best spots and I do my best to put you on fish.  To reach some of the ‘best’ fishing spots, you should be in good physical health and be able to walk up to 1.0 - 2.0 hours.

Walk-Wade Cost  $-$$

We do not publish our pricing because all of our trips are 100% customized to meet your personal needs. Here's what you can expect:

  • Option (A) is $ (the least expensive option).  When weighing the cost of a Patagonia rental car, or roundtrip taxi service to/from the river, and then finding 'primo' fishing spots; you should quickly realize that our 'option A' rate is a bargain.  We recently booked a client who said he wanted option 'A' for two weeks.  His total two week fly fishing trip, including lodging/food, etc., will be much less than a one week stay at a private lodge. 
  • Option (B) is $$ (the second least expensive option).  This option is double the price of option 'A,' but you receive one-on-one guiding, coaching, etc.  You are taken to the very best spots in the Junin de los Andes area.  Even at this higher rate, you will spend less money in one week with FCFF, than at a private lodge stay.  

He is the best guide/oarsman in northern Patagonia!

DIY Drift Boat/Float Trips

Before I explain our drift boat options, you should know that our float trips are done on the same waters that all the other Junin de los Andes area guides and lodges float on (there is no such thing as private waters, in Patagonia). The rivers in Junin de los Andes that 'everyone' floats are the Chimehuin (upper-middle-lower), Alumine, and Collon Cura.  What makes our float programs different is our guide, our approach and the cost:

  • Your FCFF drift boat guide is a 6'3", 250lbs, ex-Junior Olympic Rowing Champion who is a certified White Water  River Guide, and a registered outfitter/guide.  He has been guiding in the Junin de los Andes for +15 years.  The benefit is safety, expertise, and river/fishing knowledge. 
  • We have 100% flexibility.  In other words, we can start fishing at 6:00am or finish at 10:00pm.

Drift Boat Cost  $-$$$

Once again, we do not publish our pricing because all of our trips are 100% customized to meet your personal needs. Here's what you can expect:

  • You have the option of bringing your own food and beverage on the float.  By doing this, you will save money.  If you chose to bring your own food, we can provide you with local, home-made food options (fyi, the cost is cheap and the quality is very good).  If we provide food and beverage, our pricing is higher.
  • One day float (in-season): you can expect to pay the maximum amount.  
  • Three of more days floats: you can expect to receive a healthy discount.
  • Bottom Line:  if your staying at a lodge, each angler is paying about +/- $450 per day/per float. With FCFF, the daily cost of the float trip, for two anglers, may be as low as $200 USD each!

Final Word

The next post will discuss the features and benefits of combining our DIY walk-wade a float options. Please visit:

We hope that you found this post helpful.  If you are searching for more information, please feel free to contact us; or, use the search bar engine, located above, on the right side.  To use the search bar engine, for example, simply type in key words like DIY Patagonia Float Trips.  

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