Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Combine Walk-Wade with a Float, The Best Fishing Program in Patagonia!

The majority of our clients are walk-n-wade anglers.  I don't think this a bad thing; after all, I am a DIY walk-n-wade angler/guide myself, and FCFF is a DIY Patagonia fly fishing company. However, in the Junin de los Andes area, I would very much like to see our clients take more of our DIY float trips. Why?  Yes, it cost a few more dollars, but floating the rivers in/around Junin de los Andes is a GREAT - GREAT fishing that should not be missed!

In December, the upper Chimehuin river float is out of this world!  Rainbows are spawning and large Brown Trout are very active.

Why Combine Walk-Wade and Floating?

Even if your are a walk-n-wade purist, at the very minimum, I still think you should take a float for 1-2 days. By combining the best walk-wade and float trip programs offered in the Junin de los Andes area, you are maximizing your overall life fishing experience and knowledge.  Further, you'll see more of Patagonia, and end-up receiving the complete/total Patagonia fishing experience. Really?  Yes, really! You will fish both small and big water; and be exposed to a variety of Patagonia flora/fauna. I have yet to meet any angler who has regretted taking our DIY float trips.  In fact, most people say, "I wish I had signed up for more floats."

This DIY walk-wade angler was not unhappy that he decided to float for a few days!

How to DIY Float with FCFF?

Scenario A:  You are a solo angler wishing to combine walk-wade and float trips.  However, as a solo angler, you'll have to pay the entire cost of the float trip.  Paying for the cost of the float trip entirely on your own may kill your budget.  Here's what we can do, or suggest:

  • We can pair you with another DIY angler.  By doing this, you split the daily float trip fee. Remember, anglers staying at lodges are paying +/- $450 USD per day, per angler; to float the same rivers that we float.  Our cost could be as low as $200 USD per day/per angler.  At $200 USD per day/per angler, you are spending a few more dollars than our daily DIY walk-n-wade rate. So, if you are here and this is a once in a lifetime fishing vacation, why not spend a few more dollars and take a few floats. The cost analysis and value proposition of our DIY programs, are unbeatable!  Don't cheat yourself of a great experience and memories!
  • Start recruiting...In other words, invite a friend (or, anyone) to help split the cost.

Scenario B:  You are a group of anglers working with FCFF.  You want to mix walk-wade and floats. You sign up for our three or more day discount packages and you save money!

  • Three or more day float packages, may save you up to $100 per day.  That's $50 USD per each angler/per day, that you saved.  This savings easily buys you a lot of great Malbec Wine and Patagonia Beef! 
  • If you are a party of four anglers, you can easily rotate days between walk-wade and floats.  

Alumine = Big Water and lots of fun!  Also, just because you are floating, does not mean you can't stop and fish certain runs/pools!  

Final Word

We are not here to tell you what to do, but if pushed to say so, we suggest adding a few float trips to your fishing program.  If you do so, I believe this combination will give you what so many call, "the real Patagonia experience."

We hope that you found this post helpful.  If you are searching for more information, please feel free to contact us; or, use the search bar engine, located above, on the right side.  To use the search bar engine, for example, simply type in key words like DIY Patagonia Float Trips.  

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