Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Why DIY Fishing, Part 2

In part one of this three part series, I discussed the principle characteristics I believe all DIY anglers posses. If you skipped part one, you're welcome to read it at:

The purpose of this post, is to focus on what I believe are the two most important characteristics of a DIY angler; cost and personal experience.  Part three will feature walk-wade and floating options for our DIY clients.

DIY Walk-n-Wade Fishing.

Personal Experience

I find most DIY anglers that work with FCFF are interested in quality fishing program and an opportunity for a personal, positive experience/journey.  Say what?  Folks, please allow me to be brutally direct; there is a HUGE difference between a spoon fed lodge fishing program, vs., a fishing program that is 100% customized to meet your personal fishing needs.  The major advantages of 100% DIY customization are:

  • You get maximum time to fish waters, entirely by yourself (no lodge crowds)
  • You get maximum time to feed your mind, body and soul; by yourself, or with a friend, spouse, family member, etc (not strangers from a lodge that accommodates up to 20 anglers). 

Cost $-$$$$

  1. Many people believe DIY anglers are low budget/cheap anglers.  Truth be told, majority of our clients are wealthy people, who can easily afford a lodge stay.  This demographic chooses to work with us because at heart, they are DIY anglers who don't care for the lodge program.  The other portion of our client base, are college students and recent graduates; who are well on their way to leading a successful life (both, personally and professionally). This demographic; a generation exposed to reality and adventure TV programming, is young enough, that the very thought of staying at $5,000 USD per week fly fishing lodge, is totally foreign to them.
  2. Many people believe that a 100% customized fly fishing vacation will be super expensive = WRONG! 

Final Word

In Part 3, I'll focus on our DIY options for both walk-n-wade and float trip anglers.  The following link will bring you to part three:

We hope that you found this post helpful.  If you are searching for more information, please feel free to contact us; or, use the search bar engine, located above, on the right side.  To use the search bar engine, for example, simply type in key words like DIY Patagonia Float Trips.  

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