Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Why DIY Fishing, Part 1

If you spend any amount of time reading the information on this blog, you'll should come to the quick conclusion that I am a DIY fishing/traveling expert.  What can I say, I like to travel independently and create my own experiences.  You should also come to the conclusion that I am direct, honest and wiling to share as much information as possible.  That being said, regarding DIY Patagonia fly fishing trips, I would like to share some thoughts, based on my personal and professional experience.

Before I begin, the below links discuss the differences between a DIY float trip vs. a private lodge float trip; and the differences between a DIY float/drift boat guide vs. a private lodge float/drift boat guide. These post's may help you fully understand the features/benefits of working with us; a DIY Patagonia fly fishing specialty company.

Part 1:
Part 2:

DIY angler enjoying a day exploring a Patagonia river.

Why Anglers Choose DIY Fly Fish Patagonia

I don't claim to know every reason why an angler prefers a DIY vacation, or more specifically, our DIY Patagonia fly fishing programs, but I believe the following to be true:

  • DIY anglers are focused 100% on fishing.
  • DIY anglers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our walk-wade, and float programs.
  • DIY anglers would like to have the opportunity to engage in the local scene (e.g. cultural events, restaurants, bars, shops, etc).
  • DIY anglers do not like spending money where they see no value (e.g. fancy lodge). 
  • DIY anglers do not like to stay at lodge that sleeps up to 20 anglers.  
  • For peace of mind, DIY anglers enjoy walking, exploring, and wade fishing.
  • DIY anglers enjoy fishing waters with little or no pressure.  
  • The majority of our DIY clients can afford, and have stayed at lodges before.  They generally state, 'I did not have a bad time at the lodge, but I would not return because I prefer the value of a DIY know, the freedom/flexibility to do what I want...on my time and dime.'  
  • Our DIY clients know that our programs are typically 50% less than a lodge program.

Final Word

In Part 2, I'll focus on what I believe to be the two most important issue's for DIY anglers (cost and personal experience); and how to make the best of your DIY vacation with FCFF.  The following link will bring you to part two:

We hope that you found this post helpful.  If you are searching for more information, please feel free to contact us; or, use the search bar engine, located above, on the right side.  To use the search bar engine, for example, simply type in key words like DIY Patagonia Float Trips.  

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