Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Walk-Wade and Float Patagonia Argentina: Canadian Judo Olympian 'Throws' Flies

Roman Hatashita, was referred to me by another Canadian angler, by the name Bob Garnier.   Bob has fished Patagonia and at one time, guided at the Futa Lodge, formerly owned/managed by the late Jim Repine (I met Jim just before he passed).  As it turns out, Bob and I have never met.  However, Bob has been reading/following my blog and simply told Roman that based on what he has read, Mark is the guy you want to talk to.  So, Roman and I talked, but then, for two months, I did not hear from him. Finally, we reconnected and soon found myself meeting him at the Chapelco Airport, located in San Martin de los Andes.  

I knew nothing of Roman's background, so I was delighted to learn about his successful Judo career and his martial arts supply company  I also learned that he was traveling Argentina for about 30 days.  For example, he just came from a 5 star hotel and Iguazu Falls.  Boy, what a dramatic contrast in scenery, temperature, and our 0.05 star DIY-low budget lodging. But, he did not complain and actually said he liked it because it was real and unlike Iguazu Falls, 100% non-touristy.  He also quickly found out that our services are 100% real, either walk-wade or floating.  

It was a pleasure hosting you Roman.  When you are back in town, be sure to say hola.  And Bob, at
thanks for the referral!

For our DIY walk-wade guest, it all starts here = 40 miles of clean, pure, no dam's, Patagonia water.

Rio Malleo Facts

Location: Junin de los Andes, Argentina.  Approximately, +/- 1 hour from Junin.
Province: Neuquen
Fishing Season: Generally, November 01 till May 31st.
Licensed Required: Yes, general fishing only.
Floating:  Floating the Malleo is prohibited.
Entrance Fee:  Currently $40 pesos (per day) to enter the lower section or Mapuche reservation.
Camping: Yes, only on the Mapuche reservation, $15 pesos per night.
Length: 64 Kilometers or 40 miles.
Origin: Lago Tromen (third major lake tributary to the rio Alumine).
Termination: Alumine.
Fly Rods: 9ft/4wt through 9ft/6wt. Switch = 11ft/5wt.
Fly Lines:  Floating for dry flies and nymphs.  Seasonal use of sink tips for faster-deeper water.
Flies:  Sorry, but we only share this information with our guest.

Do you like to walk? Pack your lunch, leave your busy life behind, and get ready for a great day of fishing and simply 'being.'
Another great fishing day in Patagonia = Beats the negative temps in Canada!
Right time and right place? A bit of skill or luck?  Really doesn't matter...what a beautiful wild fish.
I encouraged Roman to do at least one float trip.  He did, and I don't think he had any regrets!

Fishing with FCFF in Patagonia

We feel very fortunate to host anglers from all over the's a wonderful experience sharing our angling cultures.  As we continue to host more non-American anglers, we begin to see a pattern. For instance, the majority of these anglers come to Argentina for 30 days and enjoy doing/seeing a little bit of everything...not just fishing 24/7.  With that in mind, I truly believe our DIY walk-wade and float services are among the best option; for the angler who wishes to spend 1-4 days fly fishing Patagonia best waters.  But, don't take my word, feel free to read client testimonials at

Many Thanks.


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