Saturday, December 30, 2023

DIY Fly Fishing Argentina: Testimonial

Today's Blog Post

Welcome to the 2023/24 Argentina Fly Fishing Season

November 1st to May 31st

We hosted the author, Sue Daignault.
Her book is available at Amazon or A Full Net

I had a great time - walking-n-wading with Joaquin and on the drift boat with Gus. The Chime was mighty and flowing fast - I loved the fast action, cast after cast, landing and missing several but mostly loved my guides!

I will share FCFF contact info with MAINE WOMEN FLY FISHERS and UNITED WOMEN ON THE FLY, with high rec to seek you out when traveling. These groups have literally thousands of women, mostly avid anglers.

Many thanks. I knew you were a good choice!

S. Daignault. Maine, USA