Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fort Collins Fly Fishing: New Guide Service

Today's Blog Post

USA guide services (northern Colorado and southern Wyoming) were introduced this season, and the below option is quickly becoming our most popular service. 

Beginner-Intermediate Level

Our best guide service option for beginners.  Combines on-land casting lessons and guiding (e.g., one hour on-land lesson, followed by in-water instruction and guiding).  In-water instruction may include nymphing, dry fly, and wet fly techniques, fly selection and presentation, rigging and knots, hook set and landing fish, best C.P.R. fish photo techniques, and lots more.

His first Brown Trout while using a tightline nymph technique.  Fish was caught using a Sage ESN 10'6" 3wt nymph fly rod.

We caught plenty of trout on dry flies.  We used a noodly Redington Classic Trout 7'6" 2wt fly rod, with a Redington 3/4 Zero reel and 3wt Rio creek line - it's an excellent $ value rod-reel combo, ideal for small streams and creeks.  

For more information please visit:

USA Lessons

USA Guiding