Monday, May 9, 2022

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Testimonial

Today's Blog Post

Recently, FCFF had a special request - teach the 3X class in Wyoming. 

I am a busy self-employed father.  My free time with my son is priceless, and as much as possible, I create outdoor activities for us, e.g. camping, hunting, boating, and fishing.  

With conventional tackle, we fish Colorado lakes and neighborhood ponds for bass and other warm water species.  We have tried fly fishing, but never for trout in a river. 

For two days, we camped and fished with Mark at the Miracle Mile North Platte River, located in Wyoming.  We had it all - sun, rain, snow, freezing night temps, and +20 mph wind gusts - evidently, not ideal conditions for beginners. 

In Mark's 3X class, he taught us how to fish the weather and river conditions - swinging streamers with a two hand switch rod, and nymph fishing with and without a bobber.  We caught large trout, and landed a few for the camera.  

Mark's 3X class is the perfect opportunity to safely learn while doing.  He is thoughtful, creative, funny, and makes fly fishing easy to understand.  I am in the training/education business - Mark is one of the best instructors I have ever met, and I highly recommend his services. 

C, Wright. Louisville, CO