Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Advance Level

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3X Class: In River Fly Casting

Our most advance casting class offers H2O fishing conditions, such as currents, wind, and trees.  We focus on the following casting techniques:

  • PULD, Vertical and Horizontal Plane, Static Roll and Dynamic Roll, Roll-Pick-up, Tension and Water Haul, Reach Mend, Wiggle, Pile and more.

Why FCFF -- BEST Learning Experience

 ➤ Small class size
 ➤ (1-4) students only
 ➤ One on one attention
 ➤ Expert instruction
 ➤ (3) hours max time
 ➤ Learn more in less time

Note: Class time more than (3) hours is too much for human brain and body.

Location: Poudre River -- easy safe access, free parking, public bathrooms, with or without waders.

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Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons