Monday, July 22, 2019

'Donation Only' Family Fly Fishing Class: Fort Collins Client Testimonial

Meet Fort Collins newest fly-fishing family.

Client Testimonial:

The other night my family and I met with Mark for our very first fly-fishing class.  Mark really focused on my eight and ten year old boys, introducing them to casting methods in a fun unique way.  

My boys enjoyed the paintbrush and bubble games the most.  If you and your family are new to fly-fishing and want to test the waters without a huge expense, I would highly recommend Mark’s intro class.  It’s a great way to learn something new and spend outdoor time with your family.  We will be doing other classes with him in the near future.

G. Baca.  Fort Collins, CO


1. Info at USA Lessons
2. During your class, we do not sell products, guided trips, advertise/promote, or other -- classes are 100% dedicated to education/teaching and fun!