Monday, May 27, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Small Class Instruction Only

Throughout my life, many people have told me that I should be a teacher or coach.  For years, I dismissed their suggestions.  Recently I have come to the realization, whether on or off the river, I was put on this planet to do one thing -- to educate-teach-counsel-coach (i.e., solving fishing or life problems and helping people live meaningful, purposeful, fulfilled lives -- it's what I do best).  

As a certified FFI casting instructor, please know the following:
I am not a fly shop employee -- teaching large classes and selling guided trips or equipment.  

To be the most effective educator, my class size is never more than four students, and my only desire is to be the best teacher for my students -- even if it means doing things entirely different from the industry.  
Our instructional model has been built upon a proven modern science.  The science is based in neuro-cognition and is called Emotional Intelligence (EQ, not IQ).  Don't dismiss this, EQ was developed at Yale, Harvard, and the University of New Hampshire.  It's real and it works.  For example, read what a recent client has to say about his experience with our teaching model.   

Client Testimonial      
I'm an expert fisherman but novice fly caster and have been "stuck" for 5 years both trying to self-teach and to pick up some basic instruction from fishing guides, videos, etcetera. I finally realized that I needed more focused help and found Mark when searching for instruction. 
Mark's approach was absolutely perfect for my needs. He focused on fundamentals, has a very organized approach and was patient, encouraging and incredibly helpful. He was also insightful enough to discern that even with the number of years that I had been trying to learn, a basic "level 1" class was the smart place for me to start. Most important, he gives results!  At the end of 3 (VERY reasonably priced) hours of instruction I was hitting my casting target consistently and accurately, and the grin on my face was a huge testimonial to Mark's skills as a teacher.
Don't spend another day frustrated with your casting, just call Mark and get results.
E. Nash.
Final words from Mark:

Teaching is an evolving and effortful art form, which I truly enjoy and love.  Thank you to all my students for your willingness to embrace and experience a new method of teaching and educating.