Monday, May 27, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: My Oldest Student

It's Never too Late to Learn!

Meet Richard, an advance beginner angler, at age 78. Officially, Richard is the oldest fly-casting client I have ever had.  He's self-employed, still happily working five days per week, and very much wants to bring his fly-casting skills to the next level -- you gotta love his energy!

Since Richard is an advance beginner, having taken lessons and fished on his own, I structured the class to meet his specific needs.  In the end, I combined my 1X and 2X casting classes.  This gave Richard an opportunity to cast on land and water.

Why Work with a Certified Casting Instructor? 

Within seconds I could tell what his casting strengths and weaknesses were.  He seemed shocked that it only took seconds for me to diagnose his casting stroke -- that's why you work with a certified casting instructor, especially an instructor who has real world experience.  Here's what Richard's problems were:

  1. Rod Tip Path: The tip of his rod was not consistently traveling in a straight line.  
  2. Wrist Roll: He did not know that he rolling his wrist during the casting stroke.   

How to Fix?

Sorry folks, you'll have to come to my class to learn the many tricks I have to quickly correct casting issues. Here's my guaranty:

  1. I will teach you how you can self-correct 99% of all casting issues.  In other words, like a medical doctor, I will prescribe a set of specific drills-n-skills that will help you correct your issues -- that's what good instructors do.    
  2. Just remember, it's never too late to learn!  If you practice and re-train the mind-body, you will get great results. 

Perfect Form!
 The 1X class in 100% on-land and worth every penny. 

The 2X class is taught in water.
In water, we have the chance to follow-up on 1X fundamentals, but more importantly, we can take what you learned on-land, to the next level.  For example: I had him roll-casting open, medium and tight loops, with both hands.  We then moved to the roll pick-up cast and he was all smiles, from ear to ear.