Friday, March 9, 2018

DIY Southern Patagonia: Mountains, Glaciers, Rivers, Lakes, and Sea Run Brown Trout

 Visiting Southern Patagonia?
Lodge vs. Independent Travel and Fishing

You could stay at a popular sea run brown trout fishing lodge, spending between $5-$7K USA -- just to get in the door.  You will fish for 5.5 days, but pay for a week.  Hopefully, you will catch a few trophies to make the trip memorable -- but there is never a guaranty.  Or, based on our 20 years of DIY travel/fishing experience in southern Patagonia, you could do what we think is the right, smart-sensible thing.

If you have 1-4 weeks, we HIGHLY recommend doing the following:
  1. Rent a car in a major Argentina or Chile town/destination.
  2. You must go to Torres del Paine National Park, Fitz Roy, Perito Moreno Glacier.  Be a tourist.  Go hiking. Camp. Kayak. Eat-Sleep and be Merry!
  3. If you extra time, check out Tierra del Fuego.
  4. Finally, spend 2-5 days fishing with us on the Rio Gallegos.  We offer a guided DIY, non-lodge stay, fishing program, that is ideal for people who like to see and do many things.

Why Follow our Recommendations?  
Look at the following pictures.  
These are all within reasonable drive times of each other!

What About Fishing?
 We Offer Guided DIY Fly-Fishing for Sea Run Brown Trout

Final Words

We hate selling-promoting on price, but why do less and pay more?  Southern Patagonia is one of the most unique destinations in the world -- it offers DIY travelers/anglers incredible opportunities.  We sincerely hope you take full advantage of what it has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email or call. Many thanks and hope to see you in Patagonia.

Gone Fishing,


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