Sunday, January 21, 2018

New England to Patagonia: Argentina Guided DIY Fishing Testimonial

Hola Mark. 

Here's part one of two -- Some bullet points on my trip with FCFF.

  • Pre trip contact information from Mark Foley was frequent and helpful.
  • The value of the experience far exceeded the price that we paid.  Buy your airfare early!!  We flew round trip from JFK to EZE for under $1K.
  • The guides were OUTSTANDING!!  FCFF partner/head-guide and associate guides and were beyond our expectations.  They were knowledgeable, experienced, patient and great teacher, world-class fly fisherman.
  • The guides brought us to MANY fishing locations on the Rio Malleo for walk-wade fishing.  There were four in our group.  One guide for two fishers.  Received great one on one attention and instruction.
  • Guides picked us up at the apartment promptly at 0730 and drove to first fishing spot.  We usually returned to apt at 1830, including travel time to river.  BTW, restaurants don't open in Argentina until 1800 hours.  New experience for us.
  • Do the overnight camping trip on the river.  It was a great experience.  Be SURE to view the Southern Hemisphere night sky.  It is awesome. 
  • Float trips were really great.  Fished Rio Malleo, Alumine, Collon Cura, and the Chimehuin.  Caught many, many rainbows, browns, and Perca.  Fish are wild; of good size 14" to 20" for us and they fight like crazy.
  • Nymph fishing is THE thing down there.  Nymph droppers off a dry fly and straight nymphs bouncing off the bottom.  Mark Foley told me, "if you're not dragging', you're not bragging'.  He is right!
  • Bring plenty of flies.  You'll need them, believe me.  Guides are not your source for flies.  They are, however, generous with a particular fly you may not have.
  • The landscape and scenery there is incredible.  Wide-open spaces, 13,000 foot snow covered volcano in the Andes off in the distance. 
  • We fished for 8 days and rarely saw another person, building, or vehicle.

FIRST CAST FLY FISHING offers a great guided DIY fly-fishing experience for the price we paid!

B. Geer.  New Hampshire, USA