Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Scotsman on the Make: DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia

Our Patagonia fishing season is almost over.  Water levels are dropping.  Fish are hunkered down and a bit spooky. The wind is normal; steady 10-15 mph 'breeze,' with gust up to 30+ mph.  You must bring your (A) game -- presentations are critical, and even if you are a Pro, Patagonia will test you.  If anything, you will learn by brutal experience, but a great deal of preparation can be done before your trip.

Each year, I meet hundreds of anglers from all over the world, all desiring to fish Patagonia and catch big wild fish.  During my conversations with them, I spend a great deal of time talking about weather conditions in Patagonia vs. their casting skills.  Why -- because it's WINDY and most anglers have never fished in these types of winds.  You'll notice that no one in the industry (our competitors) warns you about the wind. Well, not only do we warn you, but we do everything possible to prepare you for a windy fishing experience.  We think this is the right thing to do because we truly want your experience to be enjoyable and productive.  A perfect example of what I am talking about is our most recent group from Scotland.  

The group from Scotland told me they have lots of fishing experience, but they do not fish on a regular basis. This worried me, but our team did their best to prepare them pre-trip, and during their stay -- we patiently worked with them to maximize their experience.  That being said, I would be a liar if I said, "the Scotsmen were not frustrated or challenged."  That's what Patagonia does to you -- the scenery lulls your soul into a seductive trance, and the wind gods attack your ego, without mercy. One minute you think you are the fishing hero, the next you are the fishing zero.  It's a psychotic love affair that once experienced, you'll want more and more.  Perhaps this why many of our clients are coming back each year to fish with us.  But, to the non-experienced Patagonia angler, beware; there is no medicine for this affliction -- just solid preparation, good attitude, and the will to keep dancing with the Patagonia fish and wind gods.  I am very happy for our most recent clients because despite their inexperience with wind, they had a great trip.  The combination of great guiding and our clients determination to succeed, always pleases the gods!  

Client Testimonial

"I consider myself to be with fishing buddies; not guides; muy amables y muy simpaticos. Your guides have been very sensitive to my needs (many), have worked indefatigably, and have genuinely changed my thinking about fishing. I must be the client from hell; clueless, ill-equipped and hapless. Your team has handled it with aplomb and great humor. These are the best guides I have ever had."

J. Paxman.  Scotland


To all of our clients, we THANK YOU.  Your patronage directly effects the lives of people/families living in the communities we fish.  Why/How?  It's pretty simple; we only work with local guides and business owners, who support our guided DIY philosophy. So, every step of the way, you are working directly with a person who is committed to his/her profession, and is dedicated to their community.

Thanks for reading.  If you are ready for an adventure, we are ready to book your next Argentina fishing and hunting trip.

Saludos Amigos