Monday, December 14, 2015

New Hampshire Striper Fishing: Guided Fly Fishing & Light Tackle

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ME-NH-MA Stripers on the Fly & Light Tackle

+40" Morone Saxatilis -- Striped Sea Bass

If you are visiting New England, consider joining us for one of our most exciting fishing programs. We think you will enjoy our approach, and come to enjoy the experience of catching wild fish.  

What has big lips, a huge mouth, can survive in both salt and fresh water, habitat range is from Northern Florida to Canada, is a keystone specie, and can make crazed, early morning anglers late for work?  Let me introduce you to New England's last wild anadromous game fish, Marone Saxatilis! 

If you are a true DIY walk-wade angler, we have plenty of spots to guide you.  However, fishing from our in-shore style boat, allows you to cover more water, and catch more fish.  In fact, our client catch rate on our boat is 85% higher than our guided DIY walk-wade program.


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