Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Vermont Women Fish Junin de los Andes

The Patagonia fishing season has begun. Summer is in full swing and dry-fly fishing is NOW.  From middle November to the end of December, the waters in/around Junind de los Andes are on FIRE. We have been booked solid during November and December, and clients have had excellent fishing days. We are currently hosting Mary and Susan, repeat clients from Vermont, A.K.A Fish'n Sistah's. They are also the founders of Hope on the Rise http://www.hopeontherise.org/  Mary and Susan are getting the very best guided DIY fishing program in Junin de los Andes:

  • They are cozy and comfortable at our private DIY apartment; complete with kitchen, two bedrooms, hot shower, and wifi. 
  • Floating, Fishing and Camping.
  • Enjoying their free time and space = independently exploring Junin de los Andes.
  • Guided by my business partner, an ex-junior Olympic-national rowing champion.  He's the best in the business and they are in very good hands.
  • Receiving our repeat client pricing and paying significantly less than a lodge stay.
  • Catching lots of fish! 

Why Guided DIY

I don't always know why anglers work with with us.  Is it one specific thing, or a combination of things.  All I know is that our Guided DIY business continues to grow each year.  More importantly, clients are returning, becoming repeat customers.  Mary and Susan are now repeats; this means something! It means we are doing something right -- we are meeting their needs.  Meeting our clients needs and doing it at a fair price, is, and will always be, our business model.  In an industry dominated by big lodges and fish-porn, it's nice to know that simple still works.  Plain and simple, we offer a service that helps people live their dreams -- fishing Patagonia.


To all of our clients, we THANK YOU.  Your patronage directly effects the lives of people/families living in the communities we fish.  Why/How?  It's pretty simple; we only work with local guides and business owners, who support our guided DIY philosophy. So, every step of the way, you are working directly with a person who is committed to his/her profession, and is dedicated to their community.

Thanks for reading.  If you are ready for an adventure, we are ready to book your next Patagonia fishing trip.

Saludos Amigos


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