Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fly Fishing Argentina: Early Season Guided DIY in Junin de los Andes

The Patagonia fishing season has begun. Spring has sprung. Summer is only weeks away. If you like streamer and nymph fishing, the time to fish Northern Patagonia is NOW.  From mid November to the end of December, the waters in/around Junind de los Andes are on FIRE.  How can I make such a grandiose statement? Can I prove one part of the season is better than the other parts? Simply stated; yes, I can.

On many occasion, I have fished Junin de los Andes in November and December. I can personally say it is well worth the effort and time; perhaps even skipping the holidays.  Each year we book more clients during these months; the catch results have been impressive. For example, look at the below photos from a recent outing. Our two clients were fortunate to receive good weather.  Define good weather.  No snow, rain, or freezing temperatures (with the right clothing/equipment, pretty dam comfortable fishing weather). Yes, it was windy, and the water was high.  But, the Brown Trout love these conditions.  Don't forget, rainbows are spawning. Add it all up, the Brown's are active night and day!

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To all of our clients, we THANK YOU.  Your patronage directly effects the lives of people/families living in the communities we fish.  Why/How?  It's pretty simple; we only work with local guides and business owners, who support our guided DIY philosophy. So, every step of the way, you are working directly with a person who is committed to his/her profession, and is dedicated to their community.

Thanks for reading.  If you are ready for an adventure, we are ready to book your next Patagonia fishing trip.

Saludos Amigos