Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Foul Hookers from Louisiana.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but this post will not be about T & A (tits and ass). I chose to use the phrase foul hookers because I have never seen clients foul hook fish so many times.  Honestly, on each of the first two days, Woodie and Tannie, using an dry-dropper rig, fouled hooked up to ten fish each.  I pointed out to them that it was not there fault and this happens a lot (not really).  Despite the foul hooks, both caught plenty of fish, and by the third day and for the remaining portion of their trip, they did not foul hook a single fish.  

I am thoroughly enjoying hosting Woodie and Spencer Huffman and Tannie Frierson.  These anglers are from Louisiana and are full of life.  Wooide is the proud father of Spencer and Tannie is a long-time friend (fishing and hunting buddy) of Woodie.  This trip is happening because Spencer has been traveling South America for several months and Woodie wanted to meet and fish with his son.  It's pretty cool to see a dad and son fishing together.

The party of three signed up for our Hybrid DIY Program: Walk-Wade, Float and Camp.  By doing so, in my opinion, they experienced what Patagonia fishing is all about.  

Tannie is a dry-fly angler.  At this particular site, a dry-fly was not going to work.  I give him credit for being open minded enough to switch to a nymph.  We rigged up a nymph rig and before you knew it, swinging a nymph downstream, we had several strikes.  In a back eddy, just below us and off to the left, I noticed three bows facing downstream (one bow was at least 24").  We quickly advised him on leading nymphs... he had never done this before.  To avoid spooking the fish, he had to stand back from the edge of the eddy = he could not see the fish, so he had to lead his nymph rig blindly through the water.  I told him, to focus on his breathing and body movements and feel the strike.  Truth be told, not may anglers can make the transition from dry to nymph this quickly/easily! In the end, one of the smaller bow's (16") took the nymph, but what an experience.
After a couple of days of walk-wade, it was time to float.  They floated the lower Chimehuin on a two day, 1 night camping trip.  The lower Chimehuin is the best of the best.  On the first day, we fished till dark.  During the last 30 minutes of light, we caught lots of big bows.  Once at camp, the full moon was out and our guest were treated to an incredible Patagonia BBQ, and lots of tasty Malbec.
Woodie with a nice lower Chimehuin bow; not foul hooked on a dry fly.
With 30 minutes left of sun light, we picked up six bows between 16" and 22".
The lower Chimehuin is famous for its side channels.
Big fish hide in these channels and rarely see a fly. 

I lost track of how many Tannie pulled out of this little pool...maybe six fish between 16" and 20"
On a two day float, one night camping program, we have plenty of time to stop and target key areas.
We specialize in DIY, but we offer a variety of services, including floats with food and beverages.
Woodie explained to me that he likes to hunt/stalk trout; he wanted to be put in tough challenging situations.  For 8 days of fishing, we put Woodie in some of the best, toughest spots.  Truth be told, he took a thorough THUMPING.  He was frustrated and quickly learned that his skill level was not what he thought it was (until you have fished Patagonia, no one knows what it is like to cast 50ft of line in steady 20 mph wind, and wind gust up to 50 mph).  Regardless, Woodie kept at it and on his last float, at the very last best spot that I know of, he delivered! FYI, for three months, and with a dozen or more clients, we have been trying to catch this fish.   
Woodie's mojo was on, and he ended the day with a healthy Patagonia brown.

Final Word

When I fist met Woodie and Tannie they asked me if I new what the southern phrase, "were fix'n to do..." meant.  In return, I said, "I am fix'n to take you boys fishing."  My reply got loud laughs and since that moment, their trip has been full of fish and fun.  Both complimented me on the following:

  • Our ability to teach anglers how to fish Patagonia.
  • Introduce new techniques to increase the likelihood of catching fish, in difficult areas.
  • The high level of service my head guide and our partner guides provide for our clients.

Spencer, thanks for traveling to South America.  I don't think your dad or Tannie would have come down if it were not for you being here.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in Patagonia.



PS.  8 Days of fishing, for three anglers cost less than $7,000 USD!