Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fly Fishing Patagonia, Argentina: Adventure Float Trips, Junin de los Andes

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Want to experience something new?  

DIY One Man Float Boat Fishing

  • Safely float class (1-2) rivers. On many of these stretches, the traditional raft/guide services are not offered. You'll have the river to yourself and plenty of time to hunt for fish.
  • Fish small Andean lakes and ponds.  Why?  1) Might be your only chance to catch a Brook Trout.  2) No one fishes these waters.  2) Some of the largest Salmonids in Patagonia hold at the mouth's of the feeder creeks.  3) The scenery is breath taking and extremely peaceful. 
  • Want to float big waters... let's talk!
  • Overnight camping, both on rivers and lakes, is available.  For example; fish an Andean lake and camp nearby; awake the next day, before sunrise, and target very large trout feeding in the shallows!  

On our Andean lake float program, you can camp next to a beautiful lake, and have the convenience of toilets and showers.

General Info
  • How:  We have two DIY float boat programs/pricing.  Please inquire with FCFF.
  • Where:  We offer this service in/around Junin de los Andes.
  • WhoTrips available for one to two anglers. 
  • Equipment:  We provide all camping equipment, but people come in all sizes/shapes and each of us have different personal needs.  So, for your personal comfort, we recommend that you bring your own sleeping bag, air-mattress, head-lamp, etc.  Prior to travel, and to ensure that you are 100% comfortable, please discuss directly with me.
  • Cost:  Each DIY float tube trip is 100% customized to meet your personal needs.  Please contact me for more details.  

DIY Float Tube Question's & Answer's

Q:  I have no experience with float tubes or rafts.  Can you teach me?
A:  Yes, of course.  Experience needed for small lakes/ponds is minimal.  The majority of the rivers we float are non-technical and very easy, even for a beginner.  If we float larger rivers, we'll do everything possible to ensure your safety and well being.

Q:  Can my fishing partner and I float/fish the lake by ourselves (without a guide).
A:  Yes.  We only have two float boats.  While you float the Andean lake, I'll either be setting up our camp, or taking a walk.  

Q:  How many nights can we camp on a river?
A:  Due to the size of the tubes (i.e. limited space for equipment) we recommend 1-2 nights only.   

Q:  Can you send me more detailed information about your services.
A:  Yes.  One we receive a deposit, you will receive an in depth welcome brochure.  99.9% of all Q&A and pre-trip planning, will be in this document.

Final Word

In the Junin de los Andes area, as a business entity, we are competing against seven lodges and 100's of outfitters/guides. On a global scale, we are competing against 100's of travel-fishing destination companies, all selling the same fishing packages to these seven lodges, located in Junin de los Andes. Their business models are built upon the USA dollar and their daily programs are all the same.  On the contrary, our business model is built upon the peso 'blue' and the USA dollar (for more info, please read: http://firstcastflyfishing.blogspot.com.ar/2014/12/diy-fly-fishing-patagonia-argentina-us.html).  If you understand how the peso 'blue' works, you know that our model automatically saves you up to 50%.  Also, our fishing programs are unique because unlike the mass herds of lodge fisherman, we do things different; I guaranty that our float programs are different! Please inquire for more details.

We simply want anglers of the world to know they have a choice.  We thank you for reading and we hope to see you in Patagonia.