Friday, January 9, 2015

Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: The DIY Walk-Wade Experience in Junin de los Andes

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We are always happy to receive great client testimonials.  As a beginner, David was a dream to work with, and it was a true pleasure meeting this young man.  I have a feeling he will go far in life!

I arrived in Junin de Los Andes to fish with FCFF this December with only two days of previous fly fishing experience. I didn't stand much of a chance at catching fish without some serious help and I could not have asked for a better guide and instructor. I was in the middle of a trip through South America and heard that Junin de los Andes offers some of the best fly fishing in the world and was not disappointed. Being inexperienced, on a budget, and with limited time, I needed another option than the lodges that I found online. I stumbled upon First Cast Fly Fishing and Mark’s system could not have worked better for me. I spent three days with Mark and his assistant, as he not only guided me to the best spots, but gave me personal and thorough instruction. From the research I’ve done, I’m convinced that there is no other option in Patagonia to get this type of instruction and experience. 

Despite some hangups, it wasn’t long until we were catching some beautiful fish. The first morning we hit a gorgeous spot packed with active fish and lots of hatching flies. It was an open area with plenty of room to work on casting and fish were hitting one after the other, I missed the set on the first 18 or 19 fish, but finally got one and we were off. Over the next two days I caught gorgeous brown and rainbow trout and absorbed an incredible amount of information. Mark’s many years of experience, obvious skill, and laid back demeanor gave me confidence that I was getting the very best info out there. But the proof is in the fishing and we caught great fish and had some great battles. On the second day, Mark even had me casting off-handed and I was able to pull in a nice brown trout. 

Mark was professional and hospitable from start to finish. He helped me figure out a place to stay, food to eat, and what to do around Junin other than fish. But more than his professionalism and expertise, he’s simply a cool guy. He has lots of stories to tell and was interested in hearing mine, which made for a fun exchange. I was worried of showing up to Junin and feeling steamrolled as a beginner in one of the premier fishing spots in the world. But Mark and his asssistant did a fantastic job of looking out for my interests and helping me take things one step at a time to squeeze everything out of the experience. I was wiped out after three full days of fishing, but thrilled at having experienced an incredible part of the continent in a very unique way. Looking forward to much more fishing in the future and hopefully, one day, another trip to Patagonia.

D. Dwight. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. USA