Monday, October 6, 2014

Fly Fishing Southern New Hampshire: Stonehouse Pond

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Don't have time to drive north? Stonehouse Pond offers great scenery and good fishing for southern New Hampshire.

 Stonehouse Pond Facts

Location:  Barrington, New Hampshire. Google Maps:
Fishing Season: April 4th to October 15th.  Please visit
Special Rules: Yes, fly fishing only. No petroleum motorized boats.
Licensed Required: Yes, general fishing only.
Floating:  Yes. Walk-Wade is extremely difficult. 
Entrance Fee: No.
Camping: No.
Size: 13 acres.  Easily canoe or kayak entire pond, within short amount of time.
Average Depth: 24 feet
Deepest Depth: 55 feet

Why Fish Stonehouse Pond
  • Native Species:  Eastern Brook Trout, varying from small to large holdovers. Also, Blue Gill/Pumpkin Seed, and feisty Chain Pickerel. 
  • Non-Native Species:  N/A.
  • Stocked Fish: Brook Trout, provided by NH Fish and Game.
  • Location:  A short drive from all points in southern NH and Boston, MA. 
  • Experience:  For southern New Hampshire, this is the closest thing resembling a wild Brook Trout fishery.
  • Scenery:  Fall colors are amazing.
  • Swimming:  Though I see people swimming, the posted rules, prohibit bathing.

More than a traditional float tube/belly boat. More stable than a canoe or kayak. The combination of foot fins and oars, allow the angler to hold his/her position, especially on windy days!  The water-master float boats are the DIY angling ultimate pond-river-lake-ocean craft.

How to Fish Stonehouse Pond

Option A:  We offer one man float boat (not traditional float tube) fishing service.  This is an extremely safe experience and offers an opportunity to catch Brook Trout, and perhaps a feisty Pickerel.  We would be happy to work with you.

Option B:  DIY (Do it Yourself).  If you plan to fish Stonehouse Pond on your own, your best bet is:

  • Remember, this body of water is fly fishing only, and catch and release is encouraged.  Please use barbless hooks.
  • Canoe, Kayak, Belly Boat, SUP. No Petroleum Motors. 
  • Fish are not always in the deep waters. Move around, explore, experiment.  There are plenty of hungry fish in this pond.
  • 2wt-6wt fly rods.  Casting and trolling from watercraft.
  • Brook Trout have been known to strike at just about any fly. Experiment with different flies.
  • The use of floating and sinking fly lines depends on seasonal/daily conditions.

Final Word

Enjoy! Stonehouse Pond is picturesque body of water offering excellent fishing.

Thanks for reading.  We hope you enjoyed this post.

Gone Fishing,