Friday, October 10, 2014

Fly Fishing Maine: Magalloway River

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Anglers seem to fish the popular, well known spots.  Move. Explore. Find Fish. You'll thank me later.

Lower Magalloway River Facts

Location:  Rangeley and Oquossoc Maine area. Google Maps:
Fishing Season: April 01 to September 30th.  Please visit
Special Rules: Yes, fly fishing and catch & release only.
Licensed Required: Yes, general fishing only.
Floating:  Walk-Wade Only.
Entrance Fee: No.
Camping: Yes. Search nearby options in Oquossoc or Rangeley.
Length:  30 Miles.  48 Miles if you include distance across lakes.
Origin:  The Magalloway rises in the extreme northwestern corner of Maine, close to the boarder of Canada. It flows into 2.5 miles long lake Parmachee, and then proceeds to descend another 2.6 miles before entering 15 mile long Azicohos Lake. The lower Magalloway begins at the lower end of Azicohos, at the dam.  Water is released from the bottom of Azicohos lake.
Tributaries:  West Branch, Second East Branch, First East Branch, Little Magalloway, and Dead Diamond.
Depth:  There are pools, even in late summer/early fall, that go +10ft.  Plunge pools depth's greatly vary, but even in low water conditions, some go +5ft.  Same for pocket water, depth's vary and may go +5ft.
Termination: Lake Umbagog, located in New Hampshire.  The Magalloway is a tributary of the Androscoggin River.

For some, this is a large EBT; however, they get much BIGGER!

Why Fish Lower Magalloway River
  • Native Species:  Wild Eastern Brook Trout and Land Locked Salmon.
  • Non-Native Species:  Closer to Umbagog, Small Mouth Bass.
  • Stocked Fish: None.  EBT and LLS are wild reproducing species.
  • Location:  A short drive from Errol, NH.  2.5 hours from Portsmouth, NH.
  • Tail Water:  When other local rivers are warming up, the lower Magalloway, due to the height of the dam and bottom releases, tends to stay cooler, throughout the season.  Water levels can be low and the river will warm-up, especially mid-summer.  But, even in mid-summer, I have caught enough fish to keep this angler happy.  
  • Experience:  Not to over hype the lower Magalloway, but compared to other rivers throughout New England, this is arguably the best wild EBT/LLS river in the northeast. 
  • Scenery:  Fall colors are amazing.  Good chance to see Moose. 

22" LLS at the powerhouse pool.

How to Fish Lower Magalloway River 

Please visit

Final Word

The lower Magalloway is one of the finest wild EBT/LLS rivers in all of New England. There's a reason why anglers come back year after year.  When you fish it and catch the largest wild EBT of your life, you'll understand why. 

Thanks for reading.  We hope you enjoyed this post.

Gone Fishing,