Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia: Water Master Boats

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New DIY Patagonia Fly Fishing Service

Looking for a new DIY Patagonia Adventure?  

Float Tube Fly Fishing in Argentina & Chile

Fifty percent of our clients are die-hard walk-wade-river anglers.  The other fifty percent are addicted to casting from a platform on our drift boats.  We also have a handful of clients that want DIY ultra-adventure fishing (i.e. hard to get to locations, hard-core fishing, limited guiding, camping, etc).  It can be hard to be everything to everyone, but we think our DIY float tube fishing adventures will appeal to both walk-wade and traditional rafting anglers.  The features of this service are:

  • Safely float class (1-2) rivers. On many of these stretches, the traditional raft/guide services are not offered. You'll have the river to yourself and plenty of time to hunt for fish.
  • Fish small lakes and ponds.  Why?  1) Might be your only chance to catch a Brook Trout.  2) No one fishes these waters.  2) Some of the largest Salmonids in Patagonia hold at the mouth's and feeder creeks.  3) The scenery is breath taking and extremely peaceful. 
  • Want to float big waters... let's talk!
  • Single or multi-day trips, with overnight camping are available.