Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fly Fishing Lessons in New Hampshire: Appalachian Mountain Club Highland Center

FCFF and AMC share the same mission of recreation, education and conservation.

I love teaching, and will do so anywhere and anytime (even with one good arm!). But, truth be told, I could not be more happy to be teaching our E.I. Fly Casting Course in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This is a very special place for me because in my youth, I spent many days/nights hiking, fishing, and camping in this area. If you are in the area of Crawford Notch, be sure to spend some time won't regret it.  

What is E.I. Fly™1X?

This beginner casting class is designed for those who have a general curiosity about fly-fishing and who say, “I would love to learn how to fly fish, but I don’t have the time or gear to learn."  To get you started, we review rod set-up/balance, casting theory-instruction, and casting drills & skills.

The E.I. Fly™1X class is easily accessible and can be taught in a variety of locations. For Example: work, home, and local park's.  Students are given the rare opportunity to cast the ECHO micro practice rod and fast and medium action fly rods. By offering this unique combination of casting instruction and use of top brand equipment, our students’ fly fishing skill and intelligence improves immediately. Note: instruction is on land and we are not actively trying to catch fish.

Amazing scenery for a casting class!
Paul, from Montreal, Canada, gets the strap
The 'strap' helps anglers who often break their wrist
It's very nice to be able to walk across the street and teach a few specific casting techniques
Thank You Paul, Susan, Laurie, Sarah, and Katie.

Thanks again AMC and students.  I am looking forward to our next class.

If you know of any organization that would like to work with FCFF, please feel free to contact us.

Gone Fishing,