Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fly Fishing Lessons in New Hampshire: Advance Level 4X

E.I. Fly™4X: Advance Level

This is the highest level of instruction and guiding…be prepared to catch fish!

The E.I. Fly™4X course has been designed for students who have completed E.I. Fly™1X, 2X and 3X, or any fly fisherman desiring 1:1 advance on-water instruction and guiding. You will find yourself on technical water experiencing a variety of advance fly fishing techniques…. all designed to build your fly fishing confidence and skill.  By days end, you will understand the emotional (the Art) and intellectual (the Science) process of fly fishing. Equally important, for beginner/intermediate students, you will be able to start fishing on your own. You simply cannot get this level of instruction in any traditional fly fishing class.

Rate/Time: Donation Only
  • (1) Angler: suggested minimum donation is $35 per hour. 
  • (2) Anglers: suggested minimum donation is $25 per person, per hour.
  • Maximum: 1-2 students. 
  • Age: 14 years and older 
  • Monday-Sunday.  
  • Half Day: 4 hours.  Full Day: 6 hours. Minimum 2 hours.
  • By appointment only. Please call to set up a day/time that works best for your schedule.

Equipment Needed: waders, wading staff, polarized sunglasses, hat, appropriate clothing, camera, and food/beverage. If you have your own fly rod and accessories, please feel free to bring them.

About our Educational Platform: Defining Fly Fishing Emotional Intelligence

Founder, Mark Foley defines it as “A fly fisherman’s ability to facilitate knowledge from our past experiences while managing future expectations, so one can enjoy the intellectual process and emotional experience of fly fishing in the now, or present.”

In other words, emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence (IQ), nor is it the triumph of the heart over the mind…it is the union of both which creates the now. When an angler can combine both his/her EQ and IQ, this is the now...this is what EFFC is all about.   That being said, unlike traditional fly fishing schools, the E.I. Fly Fishing System™ offers an innovative approach to teaching and guiding.

Why E.I. Fly Fishing System™

FCFF Teaching Model:

  • Many fly fishing schools utilize a teaching model that results in a student-instructor ratio that can be as high as 15:1.  Inherently, this teaching model creates an educational platform that is highly dependent on the student’s ability to comprehend technical fly fishing information at a fast pace. In contrast, the E.I. Fly™ courses have been designed to focus entirely on your individual needs. We accomplish this by offering the lowest student-instructor ratio and employing innovative E.I. Fly™ teaching techniques.  The combination of the two creates a dynamic teaching environment allowing our students to comprehend at a steady, progressive pace.
  • Whether you choose the beginner or advance E.I. Fly™ lessons or guiding, we teach both the Science and Art of fly-fishing.  Why?  To be present in the "now," and to understand what you are doing as a fly fisherman, we strive to create a union between the science (i.e. Intellect) and the art (i.e. emotion) of fly fishing.  Teaching anything less, in our opinion, would be wrong.

Donation Only?

Most businesses run on a profit platform.  The core function of this platform is to produce a product, or provide a service, and then sell said product/service at the highest profit margin possible.  This should not be a novel concept; we Americans are exposed to this model 24/7.  But, rarely do we engage in an organization that offers products or services on a donation only platform...only pay what you can afford.  So, why have we chosen this model? 

We believe...

  • In a payment system that allows everyone to participate, regardless of your financial circumstances. 
  • In providing an educational resource for your community.  You know..."give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, feed him for life."  

To meet our core values as fisherman, and to meet a growing public demand for cost friendly methods to engage in the great outdoors, we thought a donation only concept would be the best approach.  But, truth be told, people struggle with this concept.  For example,  people have said, "I read that you are a donation only not-for-profit organization, but how much does a class cost?...what is your hourly rate...seriously, how much do you want to can't work for free...what's the this some type of scam?"  People have also questioned the credibility of our services by suggesting, "well, if you are not charging an hourly rate, the lessons that you provide are probably not worth much."

We realize our donation only payment system, especially in the fishing business, is 100% cooky!  We understand that people might have a hard time understanding our motives, and more importantly understand how to make a personal donation.  So, rather than swim upstream with this issue, we have created a suggested minimum donation amount.  The S.M.D. covers our expenses, which include all equipment, fly tying materials, prizes, gas, and other miscellaneous items. In other words, we give our time, knowledge and expertise for FREE.  If you can not meet the S.M.D., please, ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

Final Word

We love to teach!  We love to share our knowledge!  If you have any questions, or if your ready for your fist lesson, please feel free to contact us at 603-315-8800 or