Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina and Chile: New Hampshire Young Buc's Walk, Float, Travel

This season has been unusual in two distinct ways.  One, we have been catching lots of Brown Trout, and many of them have been between 20"- 30".  Just the other day we caught this BPB (big patagonia brown).

The other unusual aspect, we have had five anglers/clients under the age of thirty five years old.  In fact, three anglers were under twenty five years old.  This may not seem odd to the average Joe, but it's a well known fact that in the U.S.A., fly fishing amongst youth, is virtually dead (or severely struggling).  For instance, groups such as Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers are struggling to engage the next generation.  So, it makes me wonder why we have had a high amount of young U.S.A. anglers visit us this year?  My guess, the next generation is not interested in joining groups such as Trout Unlimited, but there are a good handful of them fly fishing, independently on their own. Regarding the fly fishing biz in Patagonia, I also think the younger generation anglers do not want to stay at a lodge (they want something real and an affordable value).  Well, that's enough on that subject.

Currently, we are hosting Kyle and Jeremy, both from Franklin, New Hampshire. I met these two anglers in Plymouth, New Hampshire; at the Pemmigawasset Trout Unlimited chapter meeting (I was given my slide show presentation, "Fly Fishing and Traveling Patagonia").  Back in the U.S.A., Jeremy and his dad own/operate  and Kyle and his dad own/operate

My native brethren signed up for a walk-wade, float, and adventure travel program...the whole sha-bang!

Part One: Buenos Aires to Bariloche to Junin de los Andes... 

Kyle and Jeremy's Excellent Adventure

Jeremy and Kyle elected to take the over-night bus.  They paid for semi-cama (seat reclines 3/4) and paid $120 USD.
As you leave Buenos Aires on the bus, you get a brief city tour. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Buenos Aires with +25 million people. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Just an hour outside of Buenos Aires. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
A beautiful sunset...Patagonia off in the very far (20 hour bus ride) distance. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Almost there...time to wake-up, at about 6am. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
20 hours later, the bus approaches San Carlos de Bariloche. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
What to do in Bariloche = Eat, Drink, Shop and More. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Puppy and Picture, for a few pesos. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
100% Stone Church. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
You forgot something at home?  No worries. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Time to dance in the streets...when in Rome! Photo by Kyle Matzke.
We made it, now... (Photo by Kyle Matzke.)

First Day = float trip on the Collon Cura. 
First Day = float trip on Collon Cura.
End of First Day = Parrilla (BBQ) con Amigos! Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Fishing with FCFF in Patagonia

We feel very fortunate to host anglers from all over the world, but it is especially nice to host anglers from our home state of New Hampshire. Stay tuned for Part two of Kyle and Jeremy's excellent adventure.

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