Friday, December 3, 2010

Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Fishing Season Opens!

Hola Pescadores, (Hello Fishermen)

The Patagonia fishing season has officially opened! The season opens November 1st and the rewards of early season fishing can be tremendous. Our first group was a mix of four Americans and two Argentines. Not that we keep track, but they might have set a new record…100 fish in one day on 4 rods. The highlight of the day was watching a healthy 33” +/-15lbs brown trout being caught and released. This amazing fish was caught on the upper Chimehuin River in a small side channel in a pool about the size of a 8 man hot tub.  The pool was just off the side of wide shallow run/riffle.  It's hard to picture the spot, but catching this size fish in this spot is like catching a whale in a stream. The battle was epic and I believe my heart stopped for several seconds...not to mention my jaw dropping.  Our angler was using #6 rod with fast sink tip lines with big weighted dorado/clouser-striper type fly in the #’s 2-4 range with 20-25lb leader at 5 feet length. (see photo below for fly).

Money Shot!!!  Photo courtesy of First Cast Fly Fishing

In some spots (known spawning grounds), we also used egg patterns because large bows are spawning now (though, we caught as many bows on streamers as well).  The bows come into the river system in September and stay till mid-December,  Thereafter, they head back to Lago Huechulafquen (but many stay in the river system).  The bow's on the spawn, at times can turn almost black or dark grey... a bit strange looking to the eye.   Aside from the big boy below, we consistently caught browns in the 20-25”, and bows were 16-22” range.  Lastly, we are starting to early season hatches and have seen a few fish rise.  But all fish to date, have been taken on various types of weighted streamers (Buggers, Minnows, Clousers, Muddlers, Bunnys, Matukas, Zonkas and more).

Our second group of fisherman, traveled from Chile to test the waters of the Chimehuin and the Collon Cura rivers. Much like our fist group, the Chileans were rewarded with early season privileges… little to no fishing pressure and lots of hard striking hungry fish! With 8 rods in the group, the Chileans averaged well over 100 fish per day. The highlight of the their trip was a healthy 30” brown trout caught, once again, on the Upper Chimehuin River using #6 rod, fast sink tip with 5ft 20lb leader and large black weighted streamer (see photo). After the trout was released, it was time to celebrate Chilean style…Parilla Grande (riverside BBQ). In just another week, Christian is bringing another group of eager Pescadores in search of big trout in the waters that surround Junín de los Andes. Thank you very much. We welcome the next group and look forward catching lots of fish!

More photos of Patagonia life:

  Photo by FCFF

Collon Cora Wild Boar. Photo taken by FCFF

Collon Cura Guanocs. Photo taken by FCFF