Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: Favorite Patagonia Flies Part 1, Streamers

Around the world, most people are preparing for Christmas (Navidad) and New Years (Fin de Ano). Here in Patagonia, people are not only preparing for the holidays, but they are also preparing for the first day of summer. On December 20th, summer officially begins. As a child, can you imagine starting your summer vacation shortly before Christmas and New Years? Sounds pretty good to me. As for the adults, this is a time for community and family celebrations (i.e. Asados/BBQ’s) and spending as much time enjoying the outdoors.  I am a busy with clients, but not so busy to forget the holiday spirit of giving.  As such, I would like to give you several Blog series of our my favorite Patagonian flies.  I do this with the hope that you’ll have time to put these flies on your Christmas list!

Where I come from (New Hampshire), Patgonian flies would be considered HUGE, and only used for saltwater fishing for Blue’s and Stripers. But here in Patagonia, no fly fisherman worth his salt, leaves home without them. Why? It’s a well-known fact; the majority of trophy brown trout are caught on large streamers! One of favorite rod's to throw big streamers goes as followed: Scott Fly Rod/S4-906/4-FB with fast sink line (200 grain) and a 15-25lbs/5ft leader. As the season progresses (slower waters) I'll change my set up, but you can read more about that in other blog entries.  As for casting techniques, the idea is to cast the fly to the shore and strip 2-5 times and then cast again…all while standing from a platform in a raft floating down a wild Patagonian river (it’s really awesome!).  The local calls this casting technique/style “kissing the branches.” So, when you are told to “kiss the branches,” or cast closer to the shore, it means the area where the land literally meets the water…. not 3-5 feet away from the shore. By utilizing this technique, you’ll be targeting large Brown’s resting along the banks of the rivers. For some folks, it will take some time to learn and adjust. But, no need to be an expert…you’ll adjust in not time and catch lots fish. And, by using some of my favorite flies, you might even catch that fish of a lifetime!

Enjoy... and Happy Holidays!

Mark Foley

PS. If I had to pick one fly...anything large, black and weighted will work...especially flies in last the photo!
Consider smal Streamers in Patagonia.  Photos taken by Gustavou Sarthou
Many flavors to choice from.  Photos take by Gustavou Sarthou
All three are deadly...don't forget red eyes! Photos taken by Gustavou Sarthou.