Thursday, July 22, 2021

Fort Collins Fly Fishing: Client Testimonial

 Today's Blog Post

Fly fishing is both challenging and rewarding.  It is technical. It is difficult.  The cast technique, the right drift, the right set up.  Are you working a dry fly?  A dry dropper?  A nymph rig  Mark is an amazing guide.  He is patient, observant, has a great sense of humor & really dials in on how he can make you better at fly fishing.  He can teach you how to read the river, the areas where fish will and will not be to hone in your efforts.  We recently worked in slower and lower water levels using dry flies (which I am very new to) and I learned a lot over the course of our day.  I would have gone with what I am comfortable with (nymph rigs) and gotten nowhere if I was fishing alone.  Mark called the conditions and had everything set to go.  There is always something to learn and Mark is a great teacher.

B. Taylor.  Fort Collins, CO