Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons: Casting Pond

Today's Blog Post

Casting class challenge:

50 ft cast, from land to water.  No false casting.  Trees and shrubs to the left and right, with extremely narrow backcast alley.

Cast options: Vertical or roll cast.  She opted for vertical, and did it with ease and good form, but it was ugly.  

Instructor feedback: Slow it down. 

Results: Desired distance, accuracy, and beauty/grace.  She smiled and laughed, stating, "I can't believe I can cast so effortlessly and get the desired results."      

Why work with FCFF?

- I teach mind-body casting mechanics 
- Beginner to advance classes 
- Class size -- 4 people maximum.
- On land, casting pond, or river
- Custom events (birthdays, anniversaries, dates, etc). 

Thanks, and looking forward to casting with you!